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Clifton Arts and Musicfest - Your summer starts here!


Cudell Improvement, Inc. cordially invites all artists to display and sell works at the Annual Clifton Arts & Musicfest on the third Saturday of June.

Cudell Improvement, Inc. founded the Clifton Arts & Musicfest and proudly presents it annually on Clifton Boulevard in the lakefront Cudell/Edgewater neighborhood on the northwest side of Cleveland.

The Clifton Arts and Musicfest was established as a unique celebration combining fine arts and live musical performances – a true street festival located in a very attractive and vibrant urban neighborhood setting.

As a juried art competition, only the finest artisans from Ohio and around the United States are admitted to the show. Prize money is awarded annually in the Juried Art Show.

This annually anticipated event, that draws about 40,000 patrons, places special emphasis on the pride, vitality and diversity of this community in Cleveland and northeast Ohio.

Click Here to View List of Approved Artists

Download Artist Application for the 30th Annual Clifton Arts & Musicfest (PDF)
Download Art Student Scholarship Program Application (PDF)
Click here to see a photo gallery of artists and entertainers from previous events (PDF)
Click here to make a tax deductible donation in support of the Clifton Arts & Musicfest (PDF)

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