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Cudell Improvement, Inc.
Welcome - Revitalizing our Neighborhood, One Project at a Time.

Since its founding in 1974, Cudell Improvement, Inc. has been a leader in preserving the built environment in the Cudell/Edgewater neighborhood of Cleveland while assuring quality design for new buildings. Historic restorations, gut rehab projects, major real estate developments and storefront renovations have made a major impact on the aesthestic appeal of both commercial districts and neighborhood streets. Fruitland School, the Upham Building, the Scharkofsky Building, the Southwestern Savings & Loan Building, Kirby Manor, Clifton Plaza, West Tech, West Side Community House, Cudell Clock Tower and 100+ storefront projects have made a grand difference in our neighborhood.

As a developer, Cudell Improvement, Inc. has been recognized by the American Institute of Architects, the Cleveland Restoration Society, city of Cleveland's Department of Community Development and city of Cleveland's Landmarks Commission for its outstanding committment to historic preservation in real estate development.

Donors to the organization take pride in the fact that, due to their generosity, future generations will be able to enjoy historic structures and notable places in our history-shaped neighborhood.

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